Classroom Experience

Our program emphasis is on school readiness and socialization. Children will learn how to be independent in the classroom and achieve the self-help skills needed for them to succeed in a group setting. By working on both their social skills and independence, your children will gain the kindergarten readiness they will need when continuing their education career.

Your children will get the opportunity to experience community activities through field trips planned by our teachers and approved by the parent-run Board.  Children have access to a large field and park in warmer weather months and, during the colder months, access to the Glendale Community Association gym.

Glendale Community Preschool acknowledges all holidays and encourages families to share their own traditions. We also welcome parents who wish to share any special skills, trade or career experiences through “show-and-tell”.

Our Green Space Facilities

Glendale Community Preschool believes in extending children’s natural curiosity to the outdoors. Our daily physical activity often includes time outside, where children can play and explore the beautiful green space that surrounds the Community Center. Children engage in large-scale, cooperative play, climb hills and hide amongst the trees.