Our history

Glendale Community Preschool (GCP) is a program of the Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Association. The preschool is managed by an Executive and Parent Committees comprised of the families with children in the preschool.

We are a Licensed, Non-Profit, Parent-Run Organization with minimal fundraising required.

About Our Parent Council

There are a number of positions with the Preschool Executive and Parent Committees, all of which are important and require an additional amount of responsibility. Accepting these positions ensures:

  • A stable program
  • Resources for the teacher
  • Objectivity regarding the program
  • Consistency within the program

Our vision

Children are born with a sincere and natural desire to learn. We offer a semi-structured play program that is child inspired and teacher facilitated.

Our Team

  • Ms. Dana
    Ms. Dana Teacher

    Ms. Dana is thrilled to be a part of an amazing team of dedicated families and staff for the growth, education and overall well-being of preschool aged children. Dana is excited to bring her preschool experience with the Boys & Girls’ Club & insight in areas of emergent learning & curriculum to the classroom.

    Ms. Dana loves learning through nature and believes children learn so much about themselves when given time to explore the world around them. She loves arts, music, dance, design and all things sensory. Dana loves being able to connect with children on a level where they learn to advocate for themselves and prepare them to speak confidently once they reach kindergarten. Understanding that school readiness skills include problem solving and friendship making helps ease anxieties going into school.

    Ms. Dana’s educational background includes Child & Youth Care Counselling, Child Development Supervisor Certification & Skills & Play Therapy. Her philosophy about learning arithmetic, phonics, and all the other school-based curriculum is that it comes into PLAY in preschool through exactly that – PLAY – where there is no pressure of being put on spot or tested. Natural learning and growing means always staying acute to the interests of the child and flying with their ideas to keep building and expanding on new concepts. By giving each child the ability to build a foundation of learning in a fun way, they will be set to keep their inquisitive minds healthy and strong.

  • Ms. Caroline
    Ms. Caroline Teacher

    Ms. Caroline is passionate about being able to contribute to her students’ development by teaching through real experiences and exploring creativity with her students. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish and she enjoys singing traditional songs with her students in all three languages. Caroline understands and promotes the benefits of learning languages to develop children’s cognitive areas and a better understanding of diversity in the world.
    Caroline is originally from Venezuela. In 2011, she moved to Calgary with her son to obtain her Diploma in Early Learning and Child Care. She has more than 16 years of experience working with children and their families. She also holds a University Degree in Psycopedagogy (the psychology of education), a Diploma in Montessori Philosophy and a Certificate in Reggio Emilia Approach Philosophy. Additionally, she volunteers every year at the Calgary International Children’s Festival and is an active member of the Art of Living Yoga and Meditation Community.
    Aside from teaching, she loves playing with her son and exploring the parks & mountains with her family. She likes riding her bike, dancing, snowboarding, skating, reading, painting, traveling, and eating in good restaurants. She is excited bring her wealth of experience & enthusiasm for teaching with her to the Glendale Community Preschool.